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Reverse Mortgage Loan - Chek List of Borrower's Documents/Papers Required

Applicant's / Borrower's Papers / Particulors
a. Completed loan application
b. 3 passport size photographs (including those affixed in loan application)
c. Proof of identification : Electoral ID Card/Passport/Driving License/PAN Card.
d. Proof of residence : Electoral ID Card/Passport/Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill.
e. Proof of Age : School Living Certificate / Passport / Driving Licence / PAN Card.
f. Statement of bank account for the last six months.
g. Signature identification from present bankers.
h. Assets & Liabilities statement in Bank's standard format.
i. Brief write-up securities charged in respect of other loans availed from Bank/ other Banks/Housing & Auto Finance Companies/other sources.
j. Details of Pension OR any other fix Periodical Income (if any).
k. Details of depaendants (if any).
l. Details of legal heirs / successors.

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