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Our’s is a uniq web portal which provides varities of information covering diverse subjects related to the world of Real Estate and Property Market. In order to serve the special needs of all Property Purchasers/Investors who need to avail a Loan from any Bank/Financial Institution in order to purchase/buy a property or require to renovate or extend his/her existing property for a better utilasation OR to get finance against his/her own property in the form of Motgage Loan, Reverse Mortgage Loan or a loan against the Rental Income from the property - this section of Property Loan will become a very useful source of information and hopefuly will serve as a guide in the field of Property Loan.
We hope viewers will find it useful for various general issues also. Provides very important & useful Ready References, Handy Information covering various Legal/Statutory/General topics and subjects related to Property Loan in the Real Estate/ Immovable Property world, collected, compiled and presented in an easy and palatable form.
The information provided hereunder is for a general guideline and qiuck reference purpose and its applicability may vary from bank to bank or financial institution/s as the case be.

 Type of Property Loans

Types of property loan schemes available in the Indian Property Loan market can be categarised and listed as under :
1).  Housing Loan (for Residential/Commercial Property and available for direct finance to individual/s) :

i) House Purchase Loan
ii) House Renovation/Improvement Loan
iii) House Extention/Alteration Loan
iv) Land Purchase Loan for consruction of a house.

2).  Mortgage Loan (against Residential/Commercial/Industrial Property)
3). Loan against Leased / Rented Property (for Residential / Commercial Property)
4).  Reverse Mortgage Loan (against Residential Property).

 Housing Loan
  Mortgage Loan
 Loan against Leased/Rented Property
 Reverse Mortgage Loan
 Action under Securitisation Act 2002 (SRESI) - against Defaulters and Auction of Properties by Bank
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