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Mortgage Loan - Chek List of Borrower's Documents/Papers Required

(1) Applicant
(i) Individual/s :
a. Completed loan application
b. 3 passport size photographs (including those affixed in loan application)
c. Proof of identification : Electoral ID Card/Passport/Driving License/PAN Card.
d. Proof of residence : Electoral ID Card/Passport/Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill.
e. Proof of business address.
f. Statement of bank account for the last six months.
g. Signature identification from present bankers.
h. Assets & Liabilities statement in Bank's standard format.
i. Brief write-up securities charged in respect of other loans availed from Bank/ other Banks/Housing & Auto Finance Companies/other sources.
j. Employment details of last three years (in case of salaried person).
(ii) Business Enterprise :
a. Registration Certificate of the Firm/Company with competent/local authority..
b. Partnership Deed (in case of partnership firm).
c. Memorandum of articles of association and certificate of incorporation (in case of registered companies).
d. Profile of the company (includes names of partners/promoters & other directors, addreses of offices & buisiness operation/manufacturing places, activity being undertaken, shareholding pattern, any tieups, joint ventures and it's details, agency/frenchise/dealership, etc.).
e. Copy of Licenses, certificate under shops and establishment act, sales tax registration certificate, industry registration, import-export license, etc.
f. Latest search report of ROC from bank's approved company secretory/chartered accountant, along with last company returens filed with the ROC (applicable to registered companies).

(2) Guarantor
a. Personal Assets and Liabilities statement.
b. 2 passport size photographs.
c. Proof of identification as above.
d. Proof of residence as above.
e. Proof of business address as above.
f. Signature identification from his/her present bankers.

(3) Income
(i) Self Employed /Professional OR Business Enterprise :
a. Three years I. T. Returns duly acknowledged by I.T. Dept./I.T. Assessment Orders for computation of Income.*
b. Copies of challans in respect of advance payment of income-tax*
c. Last Three years' Balance Sheets/ Profit & Loss Accounts (audited balance sheets in case of registered companies).
(ii) Salaried :
a. Latest monthly salary slip showing deductions.
b.TDS certificate - Form 16 from employer or copy of I.T. Returns for the last two finanancial years, duly acknowledged by I.T. Department.*
(* Photocopies to be kept for bank's records after verification of the Originals with suitable noting regarding verification of the Original).

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