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FAQ For Document Registration
  • Why should I register a document ?
    An unregistered document is not legally recognised as evidence, to prove transactions in land.
  • Where should a document be registered ?
    The documents should be registered only with a Sub-Registrar in whose area, the property or its part is situated. Other documents can be registered with any Sub-Registrar.
  • What is the time limit for registration ?
    Within 4 months from the signing of a document by the parties.
  • Can one register after 4 months ?
    Yes, but on payment of fine and getting delay condoned ( See model application) hereto over 4 months. Fine amount ranges from 2 1/2 to 10 times the proper registration fees. A part of this fine amount could be refunded, by the District Registrar on deserving grounds ( For next 4 months special provisions exist).
  • Who can present and later collect a document ?
    Only the parties actually signing or claiming under a document, ( or their Power of Attorney holder or legal representative) can present a document. The document is later returned only to the said presenter or to his nominee. Presentation can be done by only one person.
  • Are there special rules about such Power of Attorney ?
    (a)    In India, where the Registration Act, 1908, is in force, the Power of Attorney should be authenticated by a Sub Registrar only, (Whenever a person signs the document and his attorney presents/ admits execution).
    (b) In other areas, attestation should be by a Notary or diplomatic agents.
    (c) In case an attorney under a valid Power of Attorney himself signs a document, he may, as an executing ( signing) party present/admit execution of a document though it is attested by a Notary, unless the text of the power specifically excludes such powers.
    (d) Foreign Power of Attorney should be got stamped by the Collector after its receipt in India within prescribed time of 3 months.
  • From whom should I get a document drafted ?
    A party may choose his own person, whether a Lawyer or a non legal person, to get drafted his document. However, it is desirable to get document drafted only through Lawyers, since any defect remaining in your document due to ignorance/mistake of law on the part of a non legal person, could involve you in costly litigations later or even loss of property.
    ( Special Caution :- Rules prohibit Government Servants from private business of drafting documents. In case you land in problems later, they would not then be able to help you in any way. Any desire to save money or take short cut now, may, in some cases, result in irreparable defect in your title to the property.
  • How to get an appointment with Sub-Registrar for presenting a document ?
    The Registration Act 1908 does not lay down taking any advance appointments to present a document and normally any Registrar is expected to accept documents on the spot. But, due to simultaneous voluminous work in other designations held by him, taking advance appointment is always desirable.
    In any case, the appointment would normally be given by the office, if not on the same day, then positively over the next two days or so.
  • How many times I have visit office for registration of documents ?
    Models of several applications are annexed hereto for guidance. Besides, such model forms have been required to be displayed at the Notice Boards of the offices. Certificates should be applied for sufficiently in advance, since the same involve search. Depending on the work in particular offices, it normally takes between 3 to 15 days from the date of application
  • What is the manner of paying registration fees ?
    All fees are to be paid at the time of presentation of document against a receipt. ( In case the amount of fees is substantial, the same may have to be paid by a challan in the Treasury).
    All fees are collected at the time of presentation of a document.
  • Is it true that mere fact of registration does not mean that he document is legally valid ?
    Yes, Registration is one of the several formalities in completing a transaction and while registering, a Sub-Registrar is not expected to concern himself with the legal validity of the transaction but has to restrict himself to verifying prescribed formal aspects only under the Registration Act, 1908, like stamp duty, identification of parties, description of property and similar. It is for the parties to ascertain in advance through a Lawyer or otherwise, the legality of the transaction before drawing up a document.
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