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About Gujarat Informatics Center for Land

In the fast developing country like India, since long there is a need of a private or Government Organisation / Institution, where one can get the necessary/required all property related informations & guidance that any one needs to know about while he is dealing in an immovable property in order to safeguard his interests and the money he is going to invest in it. And that very matter has inspired us to found a private organisation of ours and this website is especially developed to provide an easy approach to informations regarding immovable property related matters i.e. about land and building. Perhaps it is the unique site of its own kind, which is going to cover / offer almost all kind of informations that any one often seeks / needs to know when he passes through a deal of an immovable property.
Industrial revolutions in the past century had fueled the growth of towns and cities leading to an urbanisation of the society. To combat with the new challanges that emerged out of the newer situations, the authorities/government periodically formed various laws/acts along with varities of rules and regulations thereunder.
Since the immovable property has always been a major source of revenue income and the effective instrument to politicise the society, all governments went on adding newer enactments and as a result day by day holding, developing or exchanging an immovable property has become a headache.
In order to regulate the urban growths, Town Planning Acts came into force. Developments in cities and towns are now controlled by various town planning rules, regulations and building byelaws. Alongwith the fulfilments of prevailing acts and rules / regulations thereunder of revenue and local authorities, development of an urban land is governed by the Area/Urban Development Authority Constituted under the Town Planning Act/s, and rules/regulations thereunder.
Urbanisation and frequently changing rules/regulations for agriculture/non - agriculture land, and its development have made things much more complecated everbefore and now a days understanding & tackling property related issues/matters is no longer as simple as only getting a legal opinion from an advocate or a law firm. When the issues/matters are complex, it needs to be viewed through magnifying glass of experts who are well conversant with the legalities as well as the aspects involved that may affect development of a property.
Value of a barran land to a fertile land for a farmer hardly needs any explanation. Similarly value of an urban land highly potential for a development and a piece of land which can not be developed, for city people hardly needs any explanation. Normally Market Value of a non - agriculture land is nothing but the best developmental potentiality to which it can be put to use or can be fetched out of it. A piece of land which can not be developed, ownership of rights & interests therein may hardly fetch any value.
It has been observed that in almost all property dealings, the practice is to consult an advocate or a law firm which mostly covers legal aspects involved in a property. Legal advisors go by documents put before him, whereas the very important side i.e. verification of the particulars / description of property shown in the documetns with that physically exists on site remains untouched.
Technical aspects involved in building & other superstructures, verification of possible developmental potentialities & usage restrictions, effect of prevailing building byelaws, casewise evaluation of locational/situational merits & demerits, in case of ready built property assessment of penalties/risks on account of deviations/irregularities or additionally built superstructures with respect to the prevailing building rules and regulations, etc., etc., - so many facts which are very much important and are required to be examined by an expert who has alround knowledge & experience in immovable properties.
The conclusion is that if you are dealing in a property without consulting "Experts" in the field of land & buildings, then you might be running a high risk and at a later stage you may find that you are at a big loss.
By founding this organisation, it has been our moto to provide informations and all required consultations in the field of immovable properties.
We hope you will find our attempt useful & benificial to you.
This organisation is founded & promoted by technically well qualified & experienced persons practicing/working in the field of Real Estate Developement, Valuation of Immovable Properties, Building Construction works, Architectural & Structural Desiging works, etc. since last more than 15 years and also associated with nos. of public sector/Nationalised, Private Banks and Financial Institutions, Govt./Semi Govt. Organisations, etc., and having corporate membership with premier institutions of India.
The organisation is having sufficiant office space at Ahmedabad City with well trained qualified staff personnel, latest computing systems, GPS based instruments & other related latest high - tech instruments/equipments.

Address for postal Correspondence :
Administrative Office :
F/9, "Janpath",
B/h. Sahjanand College,
Ambawadi, AhmedabadGujarat State, India. Pin - 380015.

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